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199239 · C37800 Leaded Brass Wrought BRASSES Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Leaded Brasses) false false.


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Standard Specification for Copper-Beryllium Alloy Wire

20221121 · 1.1 This specification establishes the requirements for copper-beryllium alloy wire in coils, spools, or other than straight lengths, of any uniform cross section.


Mechanical ASTM C37800 Lead Brass Seamless Tubes

C37800 lead brass beryllium copper alloy is a kind of high brass alloy, which can be divided into wrought beryllium brass alloy and cast beryllium brass alloy according to the different


C17000 Beryllium Copper Alloy Metallurgical

Beryllium Copper Alloy C17000 Sales:+972 4 618 2000. General Characteristics. C17000 is a part of the “gold alloys” because of the shiny luster imparted by the substantial amount


Beryllium Copper UNS C17200 -