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Equivalent Specifications - Copper Alloys

ASTM B 124 C46400 ASTM B21 C46400 ASTM B171 C46400 BS 2874 CZ133 CW719R Key Features A copper zinc alloy with a small addition of tin to aid corrosion resistance.

Alloy Type: Wrought

UNS C46400 - Engineering Materials

2022222 · C46400 is a lead-free naval brass designed for primary forming into wrought products. C46400 is the UNS designation while CW712R is the EN designation.


C46400 Naval Brass | Non-Ferrous Metal Experts

2017820 · C46400 Naval Brass is copper, alloyed with zinc and tin to provide improved strength, corrosion resistance and machinability. As

Cold Formability: Fair

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