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Historic Monel: the alloy that time forgot -

2021323 · The history. Monel has been with us since 1905. It was one of the sole “natural” alloys refined directly from its ore and fit to any and every purpose, a trailblazer for stainless steel that is still found in our built environment today. [1] Like many



2023211 · :MONEL alloy 400;MONEL alloy 401;MONEL alloy 404;MONEL alloy R-405;MONEL alloy K-500;,


Monel® Alloys - NeoNickel

2  · Monel® 400. Monel® 400 is a pure nickel alloy that not only resists corrosion, but also offers the pliability required in extreme


Monel、Inconel、Incoloy Hastelloy ...