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Modeling of wear resistance for TC21 Ti-alloy using

2023321 · TC21 is a newly developed damage-tolerant Ti alloy with high specific strength and service temperature 5. It belongs to α + β alloys that represent more than


Ti 4621 - DIN EN ISO 24034 - Manufacturing and

2022823 · ALLOY Ti 4621 - DIN EN ISO 24034 ПАРАМЕТРЫ Ti 4621 - DIN EN ISO 24034. Brand type: Ti 4621 - DIN EN ISO 24034; Range: Rod, wire, ring, forging, shaft,


K45-1.4621 - Ferritic - Stainless Steel - Aperam

Main features. Resistant to pitting corrosion (equivalent to grade 1.4301, Type 304), suitable for use in moderately aggressive industrial and urban environments, good resistance to